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Review #1: John Lennon+Yoko Ono ~ Double Fantasy (1980).

Our first review had to come at some point, so we figured here would be a good place to start! It’s pretty fair to say we’ve both grown up on a lot of Lennon’s material, whether that’s that tiny-rather-unknown-band called The Beatles, or his solo pursuits in general. However, it dawned on us both that […]

Red Camperven Reviews.

Music reviews can be pretty vague these days, can’t they? Writers cramming everything into a small newspaper slot, or simply giving a: “★★★★★ – Excellent” on the back of an NME magazine. We want to give more than that. Here at Red Camperven, simply lives two wise-cracker music nuts. Me (K.L), and me!! (C.B). We […]

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